Interview with Selfish Dream - 30/08/2017

Hello selfish dream! Are you ready for this?
Yes I am ready. Initiate

1. So, tell us about yourself.
My name is John, I'm from Greece and under the alias Selfish Dream I make videos, music, art and games. I am 25 and i have a masters in psychology

2. So what inspired you to make games?
Oh I always wanted to make games. Even as a kid, despite the fact I didnt have a computer, or the internet or any means to make a game Id draw levels and games all the time on paper.Discovering flash back in 2011 opened up a new avenue to make those drawings come true.


3. Do you ever get comments about your games?
Eh nothing special. Most of them boil down to "This is way too hard" or "I have no idea what any of this means" which I think is pretty understandable

4. Did anyone ever help you with your games? or do you do all the stuff alone (music, ideas)
I do everything on my own. Even the testing. However sometimes my girlfriend will provide some feedback or creative input on my ideas which I appreciate wholeheartily.

Fires of a Lone Hunter

5. Good.. but what do you think about the future? Will you be making games in the upcoming years?
Oh definitely! My mind is overflowing with ideas and I want to see each and every one come to fruition. I'd even like to make it my job, just not in the conventional way. I don't want people to pay for my games, they'll always be free. But if people like my work and want to support my work financially id like to be able to give them that opportunity in the future.

6. Are there any games out there that you really like and maybe they inspired you a little? or anything else (art, music)
Amon26 was a big inspiration and definitely Yume Nikki. As for art and music I don't really have any inspirations besides people that with their work stand out (Tonetta, Edgar Allan Poe) but I don't try mimicking their style. I just admire their effort


7. In this question we will test your psychological skills: There 2 men, 1 is eating a bag of glass, the other shoves a fork up his ass, are they alright?
Depends on the reason they're doing it

8. What is your favorite color?
Red because I'm edgy

9. If you would have to pick between never hearing any music again and dating a fat dog, which would you prefer?
Second option of course, fat dogs are cute, even though the date would be expensive if we went to dinner

10. Whats your catchprase
"There is nothing in particular"

11. Any final words?
Final words i wanna see on my deathbed "Fuck"

Thank you SelfishDream for participating in our first interview!

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